Aya is an independent dance artist working in the field of performance and movement exploration. She often teaches, performs and works as a choreographer with the different companies and communities.

Born in Japan, she began ballet training at an early age to fix her pigeon toes. She found her passion in dance and trained at Showa Music and Art College (Tokyo), she then relocated to the UK and continued her training at Rambert School and Chichester University’s postgraduate company mapdance. She recently returned to the university and completed her MA. As a performer she has worked with choreographers/companies  such as Yael Flexer&Nic Sandiland, Rosemary Lee, Charlie Morrissey, Lila Dance, Kerry Nicholls, and Pete Shenton (New Art Club) and Gecko Theatre.

Aya enjoys creating work in both community and professional setting, often in collaboration with artists working in different mediums. She presented her work in the UK and abroad at locations including Tate Britain, Tate Modern, The Place, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Birmingham Hippodrome, Stoke Mandeville Stadium (Paralympics 2012 Torch relay ceremony), Greenroom Manchester (Decibel), Tokyo and Madrid.

Since 2009 Aya has been working as a Resident Artist for Anjali Dance Company in Oxfordshire, which works with dancers who have learning disabilities. She choreographed a number of pieces for the company as well as supporting the company as rehearsal director for guest choreographers/directors including Lea Anderson, Gary Clarke, Luca Silvestrini, John Wright, Peta Lily and Maresa von Stockert. Aya’s work for Anjali youth dance company (Young Anjali) have been regularly selected as a finalist of U.Dance National Showcase.

Aya has taught various ranges of classes in the UK and abroad include Independent Dance, Greenwich Dance, Oxford Collective Contemporary, Brighton Dance Networks, Naim Tel Aviv, American campus in Cairo, PRODA Stavanger in Norway and various universities.

In recent years Aya’s work has has been developed within the collaboration with the design and the architect of the site that accommodate the moving bodies or vice verse, finding the design and costumes that support the moving bodies to achieve the extra effect in the aesthetics.

Hidden Architectures by Saffy Setohy

Saturday 1st July 2017at Greenwich Dance / 19.45 Hidden Architectures explores the connections and social knots that we make as humans. Driven by the interconnectivity of sound, movement & materials, it asks: What does it mean to be connected? Do our connections constrain us or liberate us? Are we ever able to act independently of one another? … Continue reading

Professional class @ Independent Dance Mon 24th-Fri 28th October

Aya’s classes offer to start with small curiosities, questions and imageries that leads us to a play and heighten the attentiveness each day. Though the exploration of ‘touch’ and ‘sensation’ we will cultivate the working-body. With both improvisation and set material we will explore the sense of gravity and fullness, deepen the clarity of patterns and … Continue reading

Disappearing Acts by Flexer and Sandiland

Operating on the threshold of visibility it offers subtle readings of the body, movement that disappears into the shadows or slips through unseen gaps in the curtains leaving lingering traces on the retina. Evocative images, stories and wry humour give voice to our experiences of disappearance, night-time and politically ‘dark times’. Autumn 2016 Tour Tue … Continue reading

The Deluge by Lila Dance

The Deluge Tour Dates 25th & 26th April 7,30pm The Gulbenkian (Canterbury, Kent CT2 7NB) 30th Apr & 1st May 7.30pm The Point (Eastleigh, SO50 9DE) 9th May 7.30pm Stage@Leeds (University of Leeds, LS2 9JT) 29th & 30th May 7.30pm Greenwich Dance (London, SE10 8RE) … we saw the tide draw back from the shore … Continue reading